Focusing on the positives and maintaining inner calm:

I know this is probably said a lot, but it is really important to just focus on the positives in your life, instead of focusing too much on the negatives and letting them get you down too easily, helping you maintain an overall positive attitude and a great sense of inner calm. It’s something I myself certainly have a problem with and want to, need to work on, and I think it’s important also as it is unfair on and undermines the positive things in your life, if you are letting these negative, unsignificant things get in the way of them so easily. I say this particularly thinking of those negative things that may annoy you or irritate you, but aren’t actually affecting you or the positive things, at least not in the long-term, and only are getting in the way of the image of them if you let them.

It must, however, be said that ofcourse it is completely normal and expected to have negative thoughts and opinions on stuff, after all, we are only human, and have these things called “emotions” as in a range of them, and it is normal to ofcourse voice them, but I think if the things that annoy or irritate you are not major, but basically just annoying or irritating rather than a matter of being anger filled, then it should only be kept to a certain extent. For instance, if something annoys me, but is not a major issue affecting me, and I am too excessive in my moaning and extreme and angry in my reactions, I realize this is wrong, and that really what I should be doing is just calmly and gently making 1 or two remarks on the matter, or even explaining a little, especially if there are anecdotes involved, but as long as I stay calm and gentle while expressing my views on the matter, how it does annoy me, but not making a big deal out of it, not getting too emotional and affected by it, because it is irrational and unreasonable ofcourse if I do. I realize it’s not good for my health either, as I am using up waaaayyy too much negative energy and it is also not fair on the other people I am expressing this to. Being hypersensitive and OCD, this is a major flaw and concern of mine, and while not everyone may be exactly like this, it is still important that they focus more on the positives in their lives and not let the stupid, insignificant negative things get to them or bother them too much. You’ve got to think as well, like I try to, that at the end of the day, that things may have annoyed me and had a negative impact on me, but at least it’s not affecting the positive things, which I’ve still got, it’s not important in my life, it’s over now and I’ve got to just focus on the positives otherwise it won’t be doing me any good and will be rather unhealthy if I keep getting hung up like this.

You just need to keep that inner calm, as in not just acting like everything is perfect and like there’s no problems in the world at all, but just keeping the extent of your negative reactions and feelings to a minimum really, controlling them so you are still realistically explaining how things are, but in a calmer manner when doing so. I worry I have had a habit at times of moaning too much too, not necessarily always being anger-filled, but just sounding negative too much, repeating myself, and I hate to think I just seem like I’m being negative, as I really don’t want to be one of those miserable, negative, moaning old lady/man types of people. That’s another thing, to not bore on. Just summarise things if you have to, into the odd sentence or two, and maybe try and add some positive into it like “oh well, hopefully it’ll get better” or just moving onto more positive things in some way or another, or even making a bit of a laugh out of it by adding some humour in there.

It also helps you grow as a person more, as the more you focus on these positive, important things and forget the insignificant, negative things, then you will develop more into this calmer, more positive and reasonable, sensible person. There are also suggested meditation techniques you can try, to discover inner calm, so you feel calmer, but you can also try by just thinking of these various strategies aforementioned on how to manage your emotions, by just putting things into perspective, looking at this in a realistic, constructive approach. It’s a bit like constructive criticism; there’s bound to be negatives to discuss, but you’ve got to have a reasonable, calm attitude when doing so, and maybe add positives in there if possible like “oh well at least I’ve learnt from that now” or suggest how this certain thing that annoyed you should’ve been, in a calm manner ofcourse.


Passion for Poetry: My new discovered pastime

I have only recently discovered my passion for poetry, which has made me feel very fulfilled having my own creative pastime and talent even, maybe, to delve into. It feels great having such a creative pastime to do and having it as my own, individual thing keeping all my work in one book, as well as just having a great productive, creative passion for something so meaningful too.

My inspiration for these poems usually comes from something like a lovely experience I’ve had, like a holiday, or a beautiful picture, or scene I am imagining. It’s so great, and I love having it as just a hobby, a great source of leisure for me, as it’s purely just for amateur fun ofcourse, though it would be great to showcase/present it at some point, like send it into the echo/newspaper or something. In fact, I would love to join the Creative Writing society at my Uni next academic year and bring along some of my work there.

I have always enjoyed doing creative writing as a hobby, and tried doing stories, but couldn’t quite get it, with endless headaches of hopelessness, so it was great to realize poetry was more my thing. I still have done the odd one or two short stories but I think poetry is definitely my primary thing. It feels so gratifying as well to just express your creativity, and just gradually but gladly show it others to appreciate as well, and like I said, it gives you a great sense of passion, fulfilment, stimulation and ofcourse individuality.

My great news; A (hopeful start of a new, nice, happy journey:

So I received the brilliant news today that my place is now officially confirmed at Liverpool John Moore’s University to study on Public Health course starting September 2019!! I am feeling really positive and enthusiastic at the prospect and am now really happy and excited that it is all now officially in place!

I am hoping particularly that I will be much happy on this course that I was on my Nursing course at Chester, that it will be the one for me. It’s not an intense, professional training course like Nursing and midwifery thankfully, and it only has the odd placement in second year and it doesn’t even seem to involve that caring role, which I worried wasn’t for me after all, as no DBS was required, so that’s a real relief. I do take a great interest in the subject of public health academically as well, I always enjoyed doing it and did well in it when doing it as a module at college, and find the job prospects/career paths very interesting and ideal looking, so it’s good I have a clear, more reassured idea as well, knowing it can lead to a range of career prospects. I really like the look of the course content too!

I look forward to preparing for it, and already have in mind some cool clubs and societies I’d like to join too, so I’m really hoping it’ll be an overall fun experience for me at uni with a perfect mix of studies and extra-curricular, and social! I definitely plan on using the study strategies/organisational methods and work/life balance methods I listed in one of my previous blog posts! So I’m really looking forward to that now and hoping it will indeed be a new, brilliant, lovely journey for me!

Tips for Self-care:

  1. Limit your time on social media, or better yet, get rid of it: I think this goes particularly for young people, most particularly girls/young women, including myself, who social media puts most pressure on or will expose you to toxic, unpleasant stuff you don’t want to see, that make you feel mad, annoyed, and/or depressed. Social media is what I personally consider to be the main culprit of the superficial society we live in, with, like I said, the amount of unnecessary pressure it puts on young people, particularly girls, to look a certain way, drop dead gorgeous, have a certain body image, whatever. It’s disgusting seeing the impact this can ultimately have on the mental health of girls and young women, most concerningly girls who are only in their early teens, or younger, as well as the pressure it puts them under, as well as sending them a horrible, immoral message that totally goes against individuality and them being their natural selves.For me, as mentioned in a previous blog post, I’d go on Facebook frequently, or sometimes would just log back on after a while of absence, and would feel increasingly upset, irritated and annoyed, being exposed to that toxicity, going on and seeing all this various stuff. Though ofcourse I suffered in my early teens bullying and abuse on Facebook and would still go on daily, so altogether it was certainly unhealthy for me emotionally and mentally. If you want to still use social media for keeping in touch with people and being part of certain networks/groups, I’d suggest keeping a limit to it, and to try not scrolling through your news feed continuously. I’d also recommend not going on at night, especially just before bed, as it is not healthy for your brain and can have a negative impact on sleeping patterns. There’s also the potential issue of it getting in the way of your studies, particularly with secondary school students.
  2. Read a good book: This is a very healthy habit that can help you feel both emotionally and mentally fulfilling. It is a good way to escape, ofcourse, from the crazy realities of life, and a perfect way to feel relaxed and wind down.
  3. Go for a quiet walk: The tranquillity and nature like feeling is ideal particularly to help sooth and a perfect form of therapeutic treatment.
  4. Alone time watching a good film or series, or whatever you enjoy: Something that helps distract yourself if your not feeling great or just a way to relax, wind down and enjoy yourself, is to just have some nice, sweet quiet alone time, doing something you enjoy and can get lost in. The only exception you your alone time could maybe be snuggling with a pet, like I do!!
  5. Treat yourself: This is always a good thing to do whenever your feeling blue, feel you’ve earned a treat or just simply feel like treating yourself! This can include going out somewhere nice or getting yourself a nice treat!

Film Review: The Princess Switch (2018) 2/10

I watched this film on Netflix last year; it is about a young woman who is a confectionary baker, and another young woman who is a princess. Both of them meet by chance and realize they look exactly alike, and decide to temporarily switch lives with eachother. They in the process ofcourse keep this a secret from virtually everyone else and end up falling in love with each other’s beaus. Overall, I just found it really annoying, with it being too cheesy, cliché and sugary, with simply nothing original, new or fresh. Not only that, but everything was just done too easily, like no real surprises, twists, interesting events (not that haven’t been done in other film plots before at least) or anything that remotely kept you absorbed or fascinated. The whole time watching it just felt like the same question you keep asking yourself, which is “Er, what’s new here?” and “What’s the big deal?”

Lots of people were saying they realized it was cheesy and cliché, when I read other people commenting online, but that they liked this ’cause it was a nice, perfect thing for the festive season, but I don’t agree really, it is still generally insipid and unexciting and a film plot that has been long overused, and not something this generation needs. Not to mention some cheesy sayings that make me cringe too much. The lacking of realism as well ofcourse, and how contrived it could be was a pain, with no real wow moments, like I’ve mentioned previously. The characters don’t come across as very likeable either, probably with being made to be so cheesy and cliché, and again contrived and unoriginal. This isn’t even all though, there’s also other Netflix films that seem to have this exact same plot, or similar, so it gives of a sense of boredom too really. If this film had been made say 12 years ago it might’ve been more acceptable, but at this point, in 2018, it is particularly bland and stale, and overall unnecessary.

My favourite things about Summer:

  1. Summer Holidays: Mediterranean countries, sunny beaches and pool sides with sunbeds to relax and read on, dining outside in the beautiful town squares, the sweet sun, the quaint town centres and historical attraction/points of interest to explore, this is something to always look forward to. Ice cream too!! undefined
  2. Longer days: The thing I hate most about winter is how early it gets dark, especially when you’re travelling home from work or whatever, and the dread of getting stuck and stranded too. It feels so much more comfortable and relaxing when there’s daylight ’til at least 8pm. There’s a lot more to do in that case too, and places to go.
  3. More to do: Like I said, there is a lot more to do in the summer, with days being longer and weather being nicer! It’s a much better time for days out, such as to the zoo, park, funfair, theme parks etc.
  4. Perfect, various uses of gardens: Unfortunately I don’t have a proper garden, but know people who do, and like to sometimes get in on that, and it is really the perfect time to make good use of it, such as having BBQs, fun on the trampoline, swings, picnics etc.
  5. Relaxing with a nice book: A very ideal thing for introverts and book lovers alike, something I love about Summer is just having a relaxing time reading quietly in the park or in my back yard. It’s very peaceful and tranquil indeed.
  6. Fun with kids: It’s a perfect time to do trips with kids, whether it’s the your local park funfair or theme park, it’s really exciting to share that fun and excitement of the kiddies, and watch them have fun!
  7. A long time off: Though this only really goes for those who are in academic settings such as school or college or uni, it’s such a wonderful, relaxing feeling to have all that time off, just feeling free to do whatever you want for all that time, relax, have fun, you name it!

Amsterdam Travel Guide:

I ADORE Amsterdam, and know it’s a very popular tourist destination, so would certainly recommend going there along with a nice little travel guide based on my own lovely, enjoyable experience there! With a wide range of tourist attractions/points of interest, you are never bound to be bored in Amsterdam. So here goes:

  1. Natura Magistra Artis Zoo (or just Artis Zoo): The relaxing atmosphere of this zoo is an amazing zoo with a great range of fascinating animals and a lovely feel and design to it, with all sorts of beautiful aspects of nature. I really love how you are never rushed there, as I just felt ever so relaxed just calmly and gently taking my time strolling throughout the place, and the way it had a wonderful aquarium, planetarium and botanical gardens which were all so fascinating to explore.
  2. Fulu Mandraijn restaurant: By far, most certainly the nicest Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. Every time I go to Amsterdam from now on it is an absolute must that I always pay a visit here. While there’s an amazing range of Chinese/mandarin food that anyone a fan of the cuisine would enjoy, I, being the usual bland eater I am, just had the chicken Chinese dumplings with sticky rice, which I absolutely adored though and has to be one of the nicest meals I have ever had. I must give heads up though and say there is a downside, which is that there’s often a queue to get in, booking doesn’t seem to always be an option, but we’ve still always gotten a table not too long after waiting.
  3. Zaanse Schans: While not actually in Amsterdam, but just a village near it, this is a beautiful windmill village to visit, with a sweet, traditional, Dutch setting and traditional ice cream, chocolate and souvenir shops, including chocolate making workshops!
  4. Kattencafe Kopjes: Perfect for all cat lovers, and all the more perfect if you’re a coffee lover too (not in my case but for those who are!). There are a load of adorable cats hanging around to stroke and take photos with, with a very calm environment considering it’s a novelty (not sure if it is in Amsterdam so much but deffo would say compared to the one where I live in Liverpool!). This is always on my list of places to visit in Amsterdam!
  5. Rijks Museum: A beautiful, big place full of majestic, historical art, and though can be busy, like the Amsterdam museums tend to be, is very big and spacious. It’s a very lovely art gallery to wonder around and look at the different types of art. I love the grand, old fashioned library room too; the museum gives off a very historical, atmospheric feel.
  6. Boat ride across canal: Riding a boat across the canal is always a lovely, relaxing thing to do in Amsterdam, seeing all the different beautiful sights and buildings of Amsterdam, it all feels so delightful.
  7. Anne Frank Museum: Definitely an interesting part of history and perfect for anyone interested in the story of Anne Frank and world war 2. It’s been 9 years since I last visited here but remember it being a very impressive museum with a lot to explore.